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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: [Plugin] PDA or Sidebar output plugin ?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 17:28:33 GMT
I apologize for joining this discussion late.

--- Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> > I think it would be great to have optional support
> > for advanced features of smarter browsers. Though 
> > that means you would have to support several
> > options (smart and dumb) for the same browser.

While I like the idea of exploring advanced features
of some of the browsers, I do think it should be

This does create an extra burden for the site
administrator.  That person would have to keep up two
sets of style sheets (or sites!) as well as having a
pretty good set of selection rules to distinguish
between all the browsers.

> > second permanent window area to support all kinds
> > of extra info see

I really don't like the sidebar and will only use it
occasionally for history searches.  In general when I
put together or read web pages, I like as much screen
real estate as possible.

> I wouldn't put navigation in the side bar, that is
> not really what it is for.

I agree with this.  The sidebar information in the web
site example has nothing to do with the page being

> The user has full control over when a side bar is 
> viewed and therefore if you put something critical
> your page in there (like navigation) your page may 
> appear broken to the user.

I agree with this.  What happens when a user makes
consistent use of the sidebar, as in the Scott
Granneman example?  Does the Forrest sidebar overwrite
the user's sidebar?  Do you end up with two sidebars
and half the screen real estate gone?  This second
option might be manageable if Forrest's structure was
more liquid.

My real problem with this is that it strays quite far
from standards, and thus accessibility.  I think it's
not safe to have critical parts of a web site depend
on optional (flash, shockwave, java, javascript) or
browser-specific (ActiveZ, rounded corners in CSS,
sidebars) functionality.

Just my two cents . . . .


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