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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Q: Adding my public key to keys
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:22:34 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> David wrote
> > Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> >> 
> >> The instructions say:
> >> 
> >> > Your project should have a KEYS file containing public keys for
> >> > committers. Add your new key to it and also upload the key to a
> >> > public key server (for example MIT).
> >> 
> >> I have created a key and posted it to MIT, what exactly needs to be
> >> done to add it to the KEYS-file?
> > 
> > Just add your key to the bottom of the KEYS file.
> > Do 'svn diff' to be sure, then 'svn commit'.
> OK, after spending half an hour searching for that file on minotuarus,
> I finally realized that this file is actually part of the forrest
> distribution. It might help to add that fact to the instructions for
> new committers.

I suppose that you got a good look around the system
while you were at it, so that is good.

The basic thing to remember that everything is under
version control (some still CVS but all moving to SVN).
Even the final websites are stored in SVN.

Everything to do with an Apache Project is stored in its
own part of the repository.

Apart from "trunk" which holds our KEYS file, we also
have "dist" which holds the KEYS file which ends up
on the server next to the distribution.

You need to commit your key to both.  If you don't want
to bother with the latter, then i will sync it after
you add it to trunk.

After that is done, one of us will ssh to the
server, cd to the distribution area, and do 'svn update'
to publish it.

> Looking at keys I realized that each key is prefixed by a line that my
> pgp 6.5.8.ckt is not generating.

You could just search at and use
the entry that it returns.

> Am I correct to assume that the syntax is a follows
> pub 3072D/0xD20DCA11 2005/04/27 Ferdinand Soethe <>
>                                                  ^ email
>                                 ^ full name
>                      ^ creation date
>           ^ key id
>         ^ type of key: D for DH/DSS
>     ^ Size is 3072 bits (how about my program saying 3072/1024???)

The MIT server is reporting yours as 1024D.

> ^ it is my public key

You can ommit the slew of email addresses of people that
signed your key or you can add them if you want.


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