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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: describe Forrest in 50 words
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 01:29:43 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Sorry to join in so late. I was busy writing a paper describing Forrest
> in German so in a way warming up for this :-)
> I commend all of you for the progress visible when following this
> thread. Most changes seemed to make the message clearer for ordinary
> users.
> Still, I couldn't resist to play with your version and come up with
> this:
> 'Apache Forrest is a standards-based framework for Single Source
> Publishing, transforming different input to unified output
> in formats like HTML and PDF. Its modular and extensible architecture
> is based on Apache Cocoon and emphasizes the strict separation of
> presentation and content. Forrest can generated static documents, run
> on an application server or be deployed by an automated publishing
> application.'
> Main change is to use "Single Source Publishing" rather then
> documentation because I think this is one feature where
> Forrest is really strong.
> Yet one might argue that this will confuse people who are looking
> for a documentation solution and don't know SSP ?!
> Hope it helps. It's 60 words.

I think that it confuses people. Forrest can have multiple
source input formats, so this description conflicts with that.

I had never heard of the term, so i had to Google.
The results did not help to allay my concern.

This term "unified output" has lost the intention
of what Ross suggested earlier in this thread.
So if we are not using the original meaning then
i think that we should dump it.

Do we really need to mention a limited list of output formats?


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