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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Recognising commercial entities that support Forrest
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 23:49:31 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> From my blog 
> (

> )
> Matthew Langham often posts on the relationships between Open Source 
> projects and commercial organisations profiting from those projects. 
> Usually I find myself agreeing with his views, I did so again today when 
> he said:
> "I still think that just linking to an Open Source project from your 
> home-page to "show your appreciation" isn't enough though. That link 
> should be to a page showing just what you have done to give back to the 
> community. Far more effective."
> What a great concept. Thinking about the projects I work on most 
> commercial organisations that use the software ?show their appreciation? 
> by adding their names to a ?used by? list. Think about it, this is 
> actually benificial to the company in question as it is another inbound 
> link, often from a fairly high ranked page.
> Other companies show their appreciation in much more concrete ways, 
> Matthew lists some of them as "code, time, test-results, documentation, 
> hardware, writing articles about the project", there are of course many 
> more ways (I could really do with some financial support whne I present 
> at ApacheCon Europe this year, as could most of the presenters).
> Why should companies who actively support a project and its community 
> get the same ?billing? as those who simply use it? I?m going to discuss 
> this on some of the projects I am involved with and see what we can come 
> up with.
> ----
> Well? Should we do anything about this?

What do you suggest that we should do?

The trouble is: Where do we draw the line? The individual
persons who contribute patches and those who discuss on
the mailing list deserve recognition. The committers
who put in many hours of their own time also deserve
recognition. It is difficult to be fair to all.


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