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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: clean up the plugins
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 07:23:07 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >I started going through the plugins to fix any major issues
> >before the release.
> >
> >The /plugins/ area of the website has some old *.zip for the
> >plugins that have been renamed ...
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Should i remove them from the forrest-site/plugins/ SVN?
> Yes, this is something I've been thinking about recently.

Is that "yes remove them" or "ack, i have been wondering too".

Being more explicit: I presume that we should remove them
rather than deprecate them, because none of them are actually
released yet. I say remove and denote in status.xml changes.
I will do the Lazy Consensus thing.

> The SVN is
> going to get into a mess since we update when deploying a plugin but 
> there is no way to clean it up. We will probably need a periodic tidy 
> up. I think it should  certainly be part of the release process.

I agree and would like to discuss this even further.

Ross, don't feel that you need to answer straight away,
there is still plenty to do on the docs re-org before
release. Hopefully some other developers can assist.

While i was developing my first plugin i could spend
some time thinking about the process. BTW, thanks,
it was so easy to do.

There are some issues of duplication that we need to
address later, e.g. skinconf and properties that
are common to all plugins. Reinhard did some interesting
things for Cocoon's docs to define common stuff elsewhere
and include it. Later.

The pressing need is to get the plugin infrastructure ready.
We need a plan for plugins: naming, versions, releases,
distribution, and archiving. If we don't spend time
getting this correct now, then we will waste time later.

Currently, we are placing pre-releases on the website
by adding them to svn:forrest/site/plugins/ and overwiting
with files of the same name.

I gather that there is the intention to append a -0.7
when we release Forrest, so that there is a definitive
version to accompany.

We also want to be able to release plugins separately.
So perhaps also append -1 then -2 etc. which comes from
the version number in plugins/plugins.xml

We can also generate an index page from plugins/plugins.xml

Now on to the distribution and archiving:

Is putting them at f.a.o/plugins/ the ideal?
Let's leave it as is for now, but i wonder ...

We could distribute the plugins via the normal dist
mechanism, so they end up at www.a.o/dist/forrest/
That will also get them automatically archived to

Also, can someone gain ideas from other projects that
use plugins: mozilla, maven,


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