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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: using view/viewHelper
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 21:54:21 GMT
After some playing around, I seriously think the CSS should be
*completely* decoupled from the nugget contracts. The problem with the
current implementation is that it includes all the default CSS files
(eg: basic.css, contracts-<pagename>.css and so on) and then it loads
the CSS file specified by forrest:css

This works fine, except that it makes defining new skins exceptionally
hard. Due to the way CSS works, if I have to define new properties for
the nav-bar say, then I first have to UNDO all of the changes made by
the CSS files loaded by default, and then define the CSS properties
the way I want them to.

I guess what I wrote above didn't make much sense. Here's an example.
Suppose I want to write a skin that doesn't use the float property for
placing tabs. Currently, nav-main-css contains something like:

#branding ul {
float: right;

Now suppose I have the following in my forrest:css :
#branding ul {
display: inline;

Now unless I *also* specify "float: none;" in the my CSS, the
float:right property will be inherited from CSS files loaded
previously. A simple option that controls inclusion of default CSS
files should fix the problem.


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