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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: Status on visual aspects of skins
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:18:35 GMT
> I haven't been a very good dev and haven't posted since last November,
> but I have monitored the progress of leather-dev and it's implementation
> of the scale-dev css.

But I bet you haven't followed the view/viewHelper development :)

> Having tried to get the leather-dev skin looking good (I am a picky web
> designer ;) ), I have hit the point of giving up - I feel that I cannot
> get the css working well both in standards-compliant browsers, such as
> Firefox and Konqueror, and other ones like IE.

I agree. I hit that point too. But the view/viewHelper infrastructure
solves all problems. You can define your own layout using "nuggets"
and skin them however you like. The structure is controlled by the
layout so you don't need to muck around with CSS positioning.

> > container
> >    +-branding
> >      +-search
> >      +-tabs
> >    +-nav
> >    +-content
> >    +-siteinfo

Easy to do with view/viewHelper. A prototype implementation of the
scale-dev skin is already in works!

Diwaker Gupta

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