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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Why are navigational element are not static when scrolling long pages?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:27:30 GMT

Johannes Schaefer wrote:

>> Fixed menus only work if the menu is short. If it is reasonably long
>> then the bottom of the menu can become inaccessible on a screen too
>> small to show the full menu.

I guess that depends how you look at it. Perhaps there should be a
different menu structure if they are too long.

Or we should properly implement them as floating and wrapping into serveral
columns which is what users expect from a menu anyway.

JS> I agree with Ross. This should be an option.

Doesn't hurt for any of this to be options.

JS> What helped for us was also a "back to the top" link
JS> after each section.

I see this as a work around and extra navigational elements that I'd
prefer to avoid.

JS> Pages that become long and hence unreadable and/or
JS> unnavigatable may be considered too long and are
JS> worth considering a rework.

In general I agree. But as you said, there sometimes are good reasons
to have them anyway.

And menus that require scrolling of the whole page to see menu items
(and then scrolling back to see the tab bar) are certainly (in my
view) even worse than long pages.

Ferdinand Soethe

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