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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Why are navigational element are not static when scrolling long pages?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:13:13 GMT
On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 12:47 +0200, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> TS> You mean like
> Hmm. In this example only the menu remains in place. It would be
> better to keep at least menues, tabs and the search bar.

ok, do you have an example?

> TS> No, there is not. I actually I will port the above template css to my
> TS> homepage view file.
> I guess I have to finally dig into this view thing now. Any suggestion
> on where to find a good and current description of how it works and
> what it does?
> Searching the archives I found

Ok, you will find more with "leather; css naming convention; viewHelper;
leather-dev; ..." Some of this information is not up to date but it will
explain a wee bit what I am trying to do. ;-)


> "[HEADS-UP] fbits plugin is now org.apache.forrest.plugin.views", but
> that seems a bit outdated.

Both plugins 
- org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.viewHelper
- org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.view

Contain information how the plugins work and what you can do with it. To
see the docu just:
ant local-deploy

cd ../org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.view
ant local-deploy

Start with the view plugin docu:
forrest run

then read the viewHelper (if you would like to write your own contract):
cd ../org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.viewHelper
forrest run

> Looking at the complexity of this, we'll probably have to offer an
> ApacheCon tutorial for this plugin :-)

Hmm, I was trying to get a talk about it but I handed in the proposal
one week late and since that day I have not heart a word from the
organization (what I find awkward). Still not after writing three other
mails to them.

I will come to ApacheCon and sure I can give this tutorial. :) You may
have a better contact to them because your proposal got accepted, you
can ask whether I could do that.


P.S. To be honest I reckon I made it more complex then I had to
(regarding the dev of the plugins) but for the user it is *easy*. ;-)
(S)he has to only add (

> --
> Ferdinand Soethe


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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