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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject e: [JIRA] Created: (FOR-464) Added HowTo-Support for OO-writer plugin, fixed Hugo
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:41:14 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:
RG> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>> RG> Cool stuff - thanks. I especially like the yellow sticky notes = fixmes

>> Though I'm already having second thoughts about this new feature
>> because the original implementation is so much closer to the look and
>> feel in Forrest whereas the sticky notes are rather inconspicuous in
>> Writer's text.

RG> I trust that you didn't break the original implementation, that is if
RG> someone creates text with a fixme style then it is still rendered as a
RG> fixme.

No I didn't break it. The template currently translated both to

RG> If you did break this then it is definetely the wrong thing to do.
RG> However, if you simply added an alternative way of adding fixme's that
RG> is more aligned with how most people do it in OOo then that is fine.

>> So perhaps I should change that implementation to translate sticky
>> notes to something else?

RG> An alternative would be to use the "note" element. Personally I prefer
RG> fixmes as that is the usual use for yellow sticky notes in my experience.

Yeah, that was the original idea behind it.

RG> Ultimately, it should be configurable (need to get per plugin 
RG> configuration sorted before we can do that).

That would be best. I'll wait for that before I change it any further.


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