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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: DITA plugin (Derby history)
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:43:23 GMT
Jeff Levitt wrote:
> --- "Jean T. Anderson" <> wrote:
>>The current setup at 
>>isn't optimal. 748 
>>*.ihtml files get rendered into 748 *.html files,
> Just a clarification

I'll address those issues in my reply to Jean's mail.

> However, in your thread with Jean, you did say it
> might be possible to have the docs in xdocs/, yet tell
> Forrest not to build them each time.  If that is
> possible, then perhaps we only need one instance?  We
> can keep the dita source in xdocs, and switch a bit
> somewhere to say "Process the docs, we've made a
> change to them" or "Dont process the docs, they havent
> changed since the last time we built"?

Well this is a common feature request and it is something that we have 
talked about a fair bit. There are ways of doing it but most of them are 
pretty clunky.

However, in this case since we know all the docs that we *don't* want to 
process are DITA files I *think* we will simply be able to turn off the 
DITA plugin and catch the exceptions the Forrest throws because it can't 
find the file it needs.

Another alternative is forrest:views, however, we are only just starting 
to figure out how these may work and whilst this would be a great use 
case it is a little early to say it will work.

There is one other solution, which I will discuss in my reply to Jean. I 
*know* this one will work as we use it ourselves for our own docs at 


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