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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Problems with Apache Forrest site.xml
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 16:54:53 GMT

    I think that your problem is known :

    I think this is the correct behavior of forrest...
    You should add your index files as entry0...


Daniele Di Carlo a écrit :

>I am creating an own skin for Apache Forrest and I got a problem with the
>Like the documentation said I copied and customized a given skin first. So
>far it worked but now I want to customize the menu of my skin and at this
>point I got the following problem:
>My site.xml has the following structur:
><site ......> as an introduction tag
>menus containing menu-items like this:
><first label="Sales" href="sales/">
>      <entry1 label="Optimisation" href="e1.html"/>
>      <entry2 label="Productivity" href="e2.html"/>
>      <entry3 label="Costs" href="e3.html"/>
>and an closing site tag </site>
>If the final html site is rendered forrest takes the content of href of the
>meni entry (sales/) and combines it with the content of href of the
>menu-item to create the final link. and here is my problem. The menu should
>have its own link but if I give a complete path (like sales/index.html) to
>it, it also appears in every path of every menu-item. Can I deactivate this
>feature? Or is it hardcoded in Forrest and cannot be disabled?
>Daniele Di Carlo

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