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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Debugging a failed plugin installation (was Re: plugins pod-output and projectInfo have download errors)
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 11:13:02 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Trying to do 'forrest' in the Forrest project "docs-author" directory
> reports errors at the "unpack-plugin" stage for both the pod-output
> and projectInfo plugins. I do not know how to debug what is going wrong.

OK, I'll debug now and document what I am doing here for reference:

First make sure Forrest is up to date and we haven't got the plugin 
already installed:

svn up
rm -Rf build/plugins

Reproduce the Problem

cd plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.projectInfo

( Sure enough, when it gets to the projectInfo plugin we get an error 
downloading the plugin. )

Check plugins.xml if correct

Search for projectInfo entry.

( Hmmm... it's not there. )

( Whilst here I checked for the pod-output plugin too, that's also missing)

Check local version of plugins.xml

grep projectInfo < ../plugins.xml

grep pod-output < ../plugins.xml

( projectInfo exists, but pod-output does not. )

svn status plugins.xml

( file is up to date, this indicates that it has not been published to 
the website, it is also likely that the zip hasn't been published either)

Deploy projectInfo plugin

(only committers can do this stage)

(Check I have no local changes that have not been committed)

svn status

(good job I checked, there is some work there that is not finished yet. 
move it out of the way)

svn up

ant deploy

(the deploy target locally deploys the plugin and builds the plugin docs 
as a test, everything works fine and both the zip and the plugins.xml 
file are uploaded to the site svn - seems the plug9in was never deployed)

Make deployed files public

I want to test that everything works now so I'll force an update of the 
live site:


cd /www/

svn up


Check it works

rm -Rf ../../build/plugins/


(no problems this time)

Fix pod-output

As we discovered earlier the problem with the pod-output plugin is that 
there is no entry in plugins.xml, so we add that entry and deploy the 
plugin again (same process as above)


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