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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Changes.rss is no more (or is it)
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 14:25:48 GMT
I just moved all the changes and todo file generation stuff into a 
plugin. However, there is one change I want to highlight as it may be a 
"bad" move.

Input plugins only process requests for **.xml files. This causes a 
problem for changes.rss as it would not match. The solution I have 
implemented and committed is to change it to "changes.rss.xml" and to 
add a redirect from changes.rss to changes.rss.xml to maintain backward 

However, almost as soon as I hit the commit button I realised it could 
(probably) be done differently. So I want your input before I spend the 
time making these changes.

Input plugins can also provide a resources.xmap. These will match 
request for files other than *.xml as long as the core sitemap doesn't 
process them first (which it won't in this case).

This means that we could still have changes.rss by placing the pipeline 
in the plugins resources.xmap file.

Would people prefer it if I kept the old changes.rss style matcher and 
lost the changes.rss.xml one?

(I am assuming the answer will be yes, so lazy consensus will result in 
me moving back to changes.rss sometime before 0.7 release)


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