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From Jeff Levitt <>
Subject Re: DITA plugin (Derby history)
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:30:27 GMT

--- "Jean T. Anderson" <> wrote:
> The current setup at 
> isn't optimal. 748 
> *.ihtml files get rendered into 748 *.html files,

Just a clarification, since in your last email, Ross,
you asked how we were using the DITA files with
Forrest currently.  The answer is that we aren't.  The
current setup that you see at the manuals link above
is based on ihtml files that we created awhile back as
a fast solution to getting the docs in Forrest.  Right
now, the output that we create from the DITA is NOT
what you see on our manuals site.  We want to replace
our current setup using the old ihtml files with a new
setup using the DITA output html.  What Jean said is
correct.  We want to be able to use one Forrest
instance to create the docs for the site outside of
the Forrest instance for the site build.  That way we
can run the site instance with the docs outside of
xdocs, because we dont want to keep having to build
the docs each time if they haven't changed.

(Jean correct me if I'm wrong) :)

However, in your thread with Jean, you did say it
might be possible to have the docs in xdocs/, yet tell
Forrest not to build them each time.  If that is
possible, then perhaps we only need one instance?  We
can keep the dita source in xdocs, and switch a bit
somewhere to say "Process the docs, we've made a
change to them" or "Dont process the docs, they havent
changed since the last time we built"?

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