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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: problem with docs at
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 08:16:34 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> The missing piece is that we need to clearly denote the version number
> on all docs. We should be able to do something rough-and-ready
> to get us by.

I have been experimenting with ways to do this.
Even if just a quick fix, it needs to be configurable.

I am calling this functionality Message Of The Day.
Supposedly this can happen better at a later stage
when we have the upcoming "fbits" and "nuggets"
functionality IIUC.

This is what i have done so far (not yet committed) ...

In skinconf.xml (and added to skinconfig-v06-3.dtd)
... they provide snippets of text to add to the document.

So in the Forrest project, docs-author/skinconf.xml
motd-page=This is documentation for the current release v0.7

Where "motd-title" adds the small text string in brackets 
after the <html><title> e.g. This Title (v0.7)

Where "motd-page" adds a longer text string in a panel
on the face of the page, with the "motd-page-url" being
the hyperlink "More" e.g.
 | This is documentation for the   |
 | current release v0.7 (More ...) |

The panel can be added underneath the navigation left-hand
side-panel (the default) or at the whitespace section at
the top of the page next to the table of contents.

Here is a screenshot, which shows both alternative
locations for the MOTD panel:

Should i continue with this workaround?


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