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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: problem with docs at
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:57:46 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> /docs/dev/ nested below /docs/ seems weird.  I think it would be better
> to host the current stable release at a url like: /docs/0.7/.  This
> would also permit us to keep documentation for all old releases
> (although we would probably want warnings on them if they are too old).
> 0.6 docs had to be kept at /docs/ because they didn't have a split
> docs/site structure so I kept it as-is.  I had been thinking we'd move
> to something like /docs/0.7/ for future releases, but I can't find any
> discussion about this in particular.

We probably jumped to the conclusion that we only would have
the current release and the current dev version.

I agree with this new approach. So would it be like this ...

Assuming that we don't want to version the top-level docs.

f.a.o/ ... the top-level docs, from trunk/site-author 
f.a.o/docs/ ... is .htaccess to redirect to current release docs.
f.a.o/docs/0.6/ ... from the forrest_06_branch (*)
f.a.o/docs/0.7/ ... from the forrest_07_branch, when it is released
f.a.o/docs/0.8/ ... the next development, from future trunk/docs-author/

Actually we should be able to establish this prior to the 0.7 release.

[*] the 0.6 stuff will have some inconsistencies, which we can
fix in its branch, such as faq.html was one level up.

The missing piece is that we need to clearly denote the version number
on all docs. We should be able to do something rough-and-ready
to get us by.

> We should give links to documentation using a stable release, not
> /docs/dev (unless of course the issues in question is new to the dev
> version).  That will keep all of our archived links good.

I presume that you mean use URLs like docs/blah.html
if it is a general issue. They can then follow through to
the next version of that doc if they want.

If we refer to a certain piece of dev functionality, then use
explicit versioned URLs like docs/0.8/blah.html#foo


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