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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Questions on extending the OOwriter-PlugIn to support HowTos
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 12:29:23 GMT
Thanks both of you for that quick advice.

But I think I'm missing something here. In the docs it says

JS> When Forrest installs a plugin it downloads a zip of the plugin
JS> code and extracts it into the plugins directory of Forrest and an
JS> entry is made in src/plugins/sitemap.xmap. For example, installing
JS> the IMSManifest plugin described above will result in the
JS> following entry being added to the plugin sitemap:

So why is a change to a stylesheet in

[forrest programm dir]\plugins\\resources\stylesheets\openoffice-common2forrest.xsl

not visible right away. Is there a caching step that's not mentioned

JS> I think that then it's not even necessary to restart
JS> forrest.

So in other words if I restart (forrest run) or redo my static forrest
it should work? (does not right now!)

JS> You'll need to do a "local-deploy" in the plugin's
JS> directory for the changes to happen:

JS>    My-Plugin$>ant local-deploy

Will install ant ant try this ant see if it makes an(t)y difference :-)


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