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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Hugo ? - Open Writer Plugin.
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:55:16 GMT

Dave Brondsema wrote:

DB> Sounds like a good idea.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there's any way
DB> for an XSL template to hook in to an error reporting system.  We could
DB> just change "hugo" to be "Error: Non-Hierarchical
DB> Headings" and the user would have to look at the file itself to notice
DB> the error.

Yeah, I thought about that as well. Althought it means that you have
to structure headings properly or your page will look bad.

If we expect people to have good reasons to not structure their pages
properly, how about writing the warning as an html-comment. That way
you could still find it but a normal user wouldn't get to see it?

But then again, why not force people to use proper structuring, after
all we are not doing html here, are we :-)

So if nobody objects, I'll change the hugo code to include a visible
error message within the heading element and quoting the headings
text so that it can be found and corrected.

Ferdinand Soethe

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