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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: License question about Adobe Indesign
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:32:06 GMT
On Sat, 2005-03-19 at 15:40 +1100, David Crossley wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> > Hello guys,
> > 
> > I have a question about Adobe Indesign license.
> > 
> > Would it be ok to partly reverse engineer the inx - format for us within
> > a plugin?
> > 
> > I am not talking about the whole format. I am talking about some
> > attributes and storing habits of values. 
> I think we need more information to see what the issues might be.
> Would you provide a URL to any license info. And is there an example
> of what you are trying to create.

cntt="e_grpt" Xaxn="ro_di1i2i103" xpBm="e_norm" xpBo="d_40590000~0" xpBk="b_f" xpBi="b_f"
xpSm="e_none" xpSb="e_xpMb" xpSx="d_401c0000~0" xpSy="d_401c0000~0" xpSr="d_40140000~0" xpSc="o_u8"
xpSo="d_4052c000~0" xpVm="e_none" xpVw="d_40220000~0" xpVc="e_xpCc" txwr="ro_u4d79ctxw1" ovrp="ro_n"
STof="ro_n" pLDs="e_Dflt" flcl="o_u8" filt="d_40280000~0" ovpr="b_f" lnwt="u_0~0" mitr="d_40100000~0"
endc="e_bcap" endj="e_mjon" stty="o_di5a29" llen="e_none" rlen="e_none" lncl="o_ub" lint="d_40590000~0"
pcef="e_none" pcrd="d_40280000~0" pgst="x_2_u_0~0_u_0~0" pgfl="u_0~0" pgfa="d_0~0" pgss="x_2_u_0~0_u_0~0"
pgsl="u_0~0" pgsa="d_0~0" pilr="o_u6c" gapC="o_uc" gapT="d_40590000~0" strA="e_stAC" nopr="b_f"
plck="b_f" ptag="c_" Self="rc_u4d79">
				<ctxw txwt="e_none" ptwi="e_none" ptwv="b_f"
IGeo="x_5_l_0_d_0~0_d_0~0_d_0~0_d_0~0" pcos="ro_u4d79ctxw1ccos1"
					<ccos ptns="r0_" acpn="r0_" pcot="0_" iied="0_" pcnm="0_"

This is an tag for a box. 
This tag contains all geographic informations about the box. I have
written a class that can e.g. move the box 2 mm to the left. This will
result in other @IGeo. 

What I am doing is e.g. using the above tag and alter the @IGeo to move
the box 2 mm. 

> > The idea would be to have inx-templates (export format of an indesign
> > file *.indd) and change some properties and add content. You would need
> > Indesign installed to create templates, trying to say it can be from
> > interest for Adobe if we would create such a plugin.
> More details please about the outputs and inputs.
> Which part does Forret handle?
> Are their formats published?

What do you mean? The is NO documentation about the format.

> > I found out that e.g. a box has a corresponding <crec/> tag. This tag
> > has an @IGeo="value". I further found out that this @IGeo values store
> > information in a certain way about "geographic" information like
> > position et all..
> >
> > Would it be ok if I develop a plugin in forrest this way.
> Don't know yet.
> > Should I
> > contact Adobe and ask whether we from Apache Forrest can do that?
> Not necessary at this stage. If we cannot answer it at forrest-dev
> then take it to legal-discuss@a.o


> --David
Muchas gracias.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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