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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Leather and global variables (was: Re: svn commit: r157419)
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 21:51:35 GMT
On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 12:12 +0000, wrote:

I need some input on the following:

> +<!--This should be match to the conf dir but I do not know ┬┐how?
> +          {project:conf-dir} does not work -> ask on ml!
> +          For now that matches the default.fv in the xdocs dir.
> +          The problem with this solution is that the a default.xml will be always render
with the default view.
> +          Not too bad of a problem after all ;-)-->

Where do we define this global variables? 

Now to the changes of the fbits-plugin in regards to leather.

If you build a project, choose leather as default skin and add the fbits
plugin to your props then you get some of the implemented fbits as xhtml
(the only format I have implemented so far) via
one example would be http://localhost:8888/

I activated the default view  (default.fv) in the leather skin. This
means the generation of xhtml pages via a forrest:view is now possible
in leather skin (or all other project that have a default.fv in their
root xdocs dir). If you meet the above mentioned requirements then try

In leather you will find {leather}/templates/default.fv
  xmlns:forrest="" type="xhtml">
  <forrest:contract name="meta"/>
  <forrest:hook name="content">
    <forrest:contract name="fontsize"/>
		<forrest:hook name="export-link">
      <forrest:contract name="txt-link"/>
	    <forrest:contract name="xml-link"/>
  <forrest:contract name="feedback"/>

So far I did not included any css information nor did I include the
actual page in the output. Further this template is JUST a testing

The missing steps are just a matter of implementing (change the default
"skinit" pipe and capsuled all code of the site2xhtml.xsl). I am working
on that (including document2xhtml and css) right now but I am "scared"
to commit it (because I do not have the time to test it appropriately
and it will alter the default behavior of forrest), so I will prepare a
patch or open a new branch (what do you prefer?) for the upcoming

...but saying this an old question in my head raises. IMO skins are not
flexible enough to met user needs. Their should become deprecated when
the forrest:views are finally working in the way the old skins did. 

Now I am facing a mayor clean up of the fbits plugin because 90% of the
stuff is not needed anymore. I kept it simple and stupid (regards 2
Ross) and ended up with a couple of pipes and stylesheets.

I further think that the fbits plugin should be either called
forrest.contracts or forrest.view plugin because actually it is a
producing factory which will deliver contracts (fbits or nuggets) for a

It is now limited (by name) to fbits but should be extended for nuggets
as well (like I said in other mails before, in html the distinction
between nuggets and fbits do not make much sense yet. They are
forrest:contracts, in other format like inx the distinction is
necessary). Further the resulting plugin have to become internal and
default (when deprecating skins).

Wrapping up here my upcoming steps:
1) implement css
2) implement requested document parsing
3) cleanup and rename fbits.plugin

ATM I am working on a client project away from home and have limited
internet access, please be patient waiting for my answer. 


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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