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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Questions on extending the OOwriter-PlugIn to support HowTos
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2005 07:24:14 GMT

Thorsten Scherler wrote:

>> However doing a test create patch, I found the patchfile to contain
>> absolute pathnames once again:
>> RG> ---
>> P:/forrest/plugins/
>> (revision 156284)
>> RG> +++
>> P:/forrest/plugins/
>> (working copy)
>> So does this not matter when you apply that patch later on? I figured
>> relative pathnames starting from root of my repository where needed to
>> make the patchfiles universally applicable.

TS> Yeah, you are right it is better to do something like (linux env)

svn diff . >>patch.txt

TS> in the shell of your choice.

Well I realize that. But that was exactly what I was trying to
automate with Eclipse when my original question was:

TS> Some other question: (Of course) I'm trying to automate patch creation
TS> as an external tool in eclipse. My problem is that the
TS> ${resource_name}-variable I use to pass the name of the file relative
TS> to the Forrest dir will use Eclipses Folder-Names instead of the
TS> underlying dir names. So when the project name is different from the
TS> folder name where the project resides this doesn't work.
TS> Unfortunately I found not other variable that does it and absolute
TS> pathnames or at all would make the patchfile useless for
TS> your processes, right?

So the conclusion is the Eclipse can't do it and because Eclipse
can't, subclipse can't either. So their is no comfi solution to my
problem, right?

Thanks everybody anyway.

Ferdinand Soethe

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