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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Extending DTD catalog in plugins
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 07:44:31 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>I have a need in one of my plugins to add some DTD's to Forrest. This 
>>issue raised its head some time ago with Sean Wheller's proposal for a 
>>full Docbook plugin, as a result there was a long discussion (which gets 
>>interesting from 
>> onwards).
>>The end result of this discussion was:
>>--- Start Quote ---
>>On Thursday 28 October 2004 12:27, David Crossley wrote:
>>>>Do you see the benefit above?
>>>I think so. I will go mull it over with some
>>>late-night card game and wine.
>>Good idea. No rush. Do however consider that now we have plugins, the
>>locations will change and this method becomes more of a necessity. Take 
>>the Docbook Plug-in as example.
>>--- End Quote ---
>>Since I am not very clued in with catalogs and their use I have no 
>>opinion on this thread, but I do need to implement something. So, if 
>>someone has the time (and the wine) to design a solution for *exactly* 
>>the problem described in the above thread then I will implement it 
>>(remember Sean does make a proposal that is discussed without a 
>>conclusion, so this may be a shorter job than you think).
> This was sparked today by your message to users@ list. Assuming that
> the works for you, then this is not an
> urgent issue.

Actually it is (although not necessarily a blocker for 0.7). There are
many plugins that cannot be built using the current system. Basically,
anything requiring a DTD. The solution doesn't
work for WAR files since the path to the catalog has to be a full path
rather than a relative.

> I added an entry to Jira:
> so we can review the use of Catlog Entity Resolver later. I, for one,
> do not have time prior to the upcoming 0.7 release. Anyway, i reckon
> that it would be a big risk to mess with that stuff at this stage.

Yes, I agree, we will visit after 0.7, I hoped that there would be
something simple we could do for plugins before that release. The only
plugin currently affected is the simple-Docbook plugin, if we leave the
DTD's in core as they are now it will work for 0.7


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