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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [RT] Per document skinconf (was Re: coloring table cells [from the user list])
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:35:35 GMT
Just let me add my small bit.
I read the discussion and think it goes into
the right direction and that you'll come up
with sth great in the end ...

But I can't see how it fits the needs of the hack
in the Excel plugin, which is a rather special case:
We have color tables to define all the colors that
might be used in a GUI. To make the table with a lot
of hex-triplets and RGB values more useful and
appealing I set the background-color for each cell
that contains a color value in the corresponding color.
There's an example in the plugin's docs.

With what is proposed now would I have to define a
lot of classes like class="color_ff00ff" and define
these classes in the file-specific config?
It would look like Excel saving XML:
   <Style ss:ID="s23">
    <Font ss:FontName="Courier New" x:Family="Modern"/>
     <Cell ss:StyleID="s23">
       <Data ss:Type="Number">12</Data>

Or would I need to extend the DTD to validate this
single file and provide an XSL fragment (like extra-XSL)
to translate it?

Just my part of RT ;-)

Ross Gardler wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>> On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 12:00 +0000, Ross Gardler wrote:
> <snip/>
>> I am doing this with forrest:views. I think that is the way for a
>> on-page basis.
> <snip/>
>>> fbits
>>> -----
>>> How does this contribute to/intefere with work on fbits?
>> fbits are based on forrest:views. Anyway the RT gave me some good ideas
>> for the fbits.
>>> alternatives
>>> ------------
>> forrest:views
> OK, I suspected this would be the case. Care to expand? I'm particularly 
> interested in where the config files are placed and how Forrest 
> manipulates them.
> Also how does forrest:views + fbits address the meta-data issues raised 
> in response to Nicola's RT?
> Unfortunately, I don't "get" what you are doing with fbits yet. I 
> understand the what you are trying to achieve and I like the sound of 
> it, but I have to admit to being lost as to the "how". So I seem to have 
> come up with my own "how".
> I've been waiting for fbits to develop a little so that I could 
> understand from the code, but I am getting closer to actually needing a 
> solution for this (a few months of yet, but I like to plan in advance). 
> Either you make me understand the "how" of fbits and I contribute to 
> that or I'll have to get on with implementing something along the lines 
> of this RT (and Nicola's). (this sounds a little like a threat, of 
> course it isn't it's an attempt to avoid duplication of work. As I said 
> I won't actually be implementing this for a month or two anyway so we 
> have plenty of time to work out which way to go).
> Ross

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