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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [JIRA] Commented: (FOR-432) excel plugin does only work for own documentation
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 10:24:16 GMT
Dave, thanks for your tipps!
This is what I get, see below for details.
I moved the resources folder to the plugin's home,
so the original folder shows up as !-missing and the
new one as ?-unkown. The stylesheet in this folder
does not show up as M-odified.
'svn diff' fails because the local copy of the new
folder is not blocked (?, sorry, German output).

Everything is in the zip attached to the issue.


?      resources
M      status.xml
M      input.xmap
M      src\documentation\skinconf.xml
M      src\documentation\content\xdocs\howto.xml
M      src\documentation\content\xdocs\samples\figure-table.xml
M      src\documentation\content\xdocs\index.xml
!      src\documentation\resources\stylesheets

diff > patch.txt
svn: Arbeitskopie 'src/documentation/resources/stylesheets' 
nicht gesperrt

David Crossley wrote:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>I tried already making a patch for forrest but get the
>>following error: Path not found:
>>See below for details.
>>FORREST_HOME is not as Windows environment variable.
>>There is no target "patch" in plugins/build.xml and
>>we made some changes to forrest that will be included
>>in a grand-forrest patch.
>>I took the transform with the plugin name in @src from
>>the simplified-docbook plugin, in Ooo it's the way you 
>>describe. I will change this, if I get a patch running.
>>Sorry, I didn't check the documentation :-(
>>Where can I find it?
>>Cheers, thanks for your hep!
> Making a patch is easy - you don't need to use that special build target.
> cd /svn/forrest/some/subdirectory
> svn status
> ... to see what you have changed
> svn diff > my-patch.txt
> If you have new files as well as changed files, then zip them
> into a compressed archive.
> --David

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