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From David Crossley <>
Subject [heads-up] forrest website updated
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 07:50:53 GMT
I just re-generated the site and published it.

While doing so, i realised that i made a major stuff-up
the last time that i did it ... clobbered some of 0.6 docs
with the 0.7-dev stuff. I hope that i have fixed it now.

Here are some notes:

1) build the forrest_06_branch docs and copy them to the
forrest-site repository. That adds the top-level docs
for the current release (like changes.html and faq.html)
and the technical docs for version 0.6 in the "docs/" directory.

2) build the trunk docs in forrest/site-author/ and copy them
to the forrest-site repository. That replaces most pages at
the top-level (like index.html and live-sites.html) but leaves
the few top-level docs that are relevant to 0.6 at step 1
and does not touch the "docs/" directory.

3) build the trunk docs in forrest/docs-author/ and copy them
to the forrest-site/docs/dev/ directory. That adds the 0.7-dev
technical docs.

4) 'svn commit'

5) the cron job will do 'svn update' on the server.
Alternatively, you can do it manually
 ssh; cd /www/; svn update

Anyway, would someone with fresh eyes please look at the site.


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