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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: Reusing legacy HTML
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 18:09:15 GMT

Hi Ross,

thanks for editing this.

RG> That would be brilliant (don't forget we have a HowTo DTD).

I was gonna use the HowTo for the second version. Since the first one
if more of the general documentation type, I'd rather not use it

RG> Actually this does not match because *.html will only match something
RG> like "mybad.html". Here you have a directory structure so you need "**"
RG> in order to match it. "*" means a single part of an URL, "**" means any
RG> number of parts to an URL.

The stars against me, as usual :-) Will take out that para oder change

RG> The number of slashes is significant. "cocoon:/" means look for a
RG> pipeline in the current sitemap, "cocoon://" means look for a match in
RG> any xmap. This is not significant a this point but will be later.

Later when. If it is not relevant to this topic, I'd rather not
mention it here as it really is a side issue.

>> 6. This below is relevant now as it loads the project sitemap and
>>    inserts it right at this position of the main sitemap. (This project
>>    sitemap was also loaded before, but was irrelevant since there were no matches
>>    in the project sitemap)

RG> Probably best, in the documentation to describe what happens *without* a
RG> project sitemap first since this will be the default behaviour. Then
RG> your howto can describe how the project sitemap intercepts this request.

Good idea, I'll go back to the sitemap and try to understand what
would happen ...

>>         Now we call my special stylesheet to remove all
>>         elements that I don't want in the forrest page.
>>         I place it in the same directory as the source document as it
>>         is very specific.
>>         <map:transform
>> src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}/mybadHTMLfixer.xsl"/>

RG> Stylesheets should be placed in the
RG> {project:resources.stylesheets} 
RG> directory, only displayable content should be in the xdocs directory.

Is this a must, does it cause functional problems. I knew about the
stylesheet directory but decided not to fill it with stylesheets that
are really only used for one file. Is that a nono?

>>             ???
>>             <map:transform type="idgen"/>

RG> generates ID attributes for elements that are used for internal linking
RG> (i.e. <a href="thispage.html#thatPosition">Go to thatPosition</a>)

If I'm coming from an html source, why would I need to do that. If
there are any anchors within the page they'd already have an name.
Will those names and references get replaced? Because some names cannot
be used as IDs?
Or will it just add ids to elements like headers that are needed for
Forrest local navigation (Headers)?

>>             ???
>>             <map:transform type="xinclude"/>

RG> XInclude content from other files (see

In this case there would not be any in legacy html so nothing happens
in this step, right?

RG> Looks good to me.

Thanks for your help in understanding this.

Ferdinand Soethe

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