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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Using cocoon blocks as plugins
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2005 19:00:43 GMT
Alex Batlin wrote:
> Any luck with this? Would love to hear if you found a solution.

I've got a solution that works for plugins that only need to add things 
to the xconf files, but it further breaks the copyless behaviour. I am 
still doing testing with it and need to tidy it up a little. Once I have 
done this I'll see what the community think about commiting it.

Even with this solution there is still a little masasging of Cocoon 
Blocks needed to make things work properly. Furthermore, I've found that 
there is lots of baggage brought along by doing a direct conversion of 
Cocoon Blocks. For example, the Databases block includes all the stuff 
needed for four different ways of accessing a database. I believe each 
Forrest plugin should only provide one of these methods (although there 
could be multiple plugins, one for each technique).

There is a further problem with blocks that require changes to web.xml. 
I've not yet discovered a way of including content in there (not looked 
too hard yet though).


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> From: Ross Gardler [] 
> Sent: 17 January 2005 14:56
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> Subject: Re: Using cocoon blocks as plugins
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>The location of cocoon.xconf can be configured in web.xml. HTH
>>>But web.xml is itself in a fixed location too (i.e. 
>>>main/webapp/WEB-INF. What I am trying to do is find a solution that 
>>>will not break the copyless behaviour.
>>Sylvain added an include feature for cocoon.xconf some weeks ago. There 
>>you could point to whereever you want:
> He he, now we are going round in circles - that's exactly why I have hit 
> this problem. Here's some background:
> I have upgraded Forrest to use the new Cocoon because I want to be able 
> to create Forrest Plugins out of Cocoon Blocks and this cocoon.xconf 
> import is just what we need. I now have an Ant script that will import a 
> Cocoon block as a plugin. However, plugins in Forrest are dynamically 
> configured each time a site is built/run. This means that the 
> cocoon.xconf, with the relevant imports is built at runtime.
> The projects cocoon.xconf is currently built in the 
> PROJECT_HOME/build/tmp It has to be in there (or at least some user 
> writable location) because the user may not have write access to the 
> Forrest install directory.
> I was hoping there would be a command line switch that would enable me 
> to pass an alternative location of cocoon.xconf to the servlet. I think 
> I should move this query over to the Cocoon list, I'll do that tomorrow.
> Ross
> Ross

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