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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [OT] Re: Enhancing status.xml
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2005 10:15:56 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:


> I see no inherent problem in doing this, although I've always viewed 
> status.xml as a poor man's issue tracker (especially for todo items). 
> What your describing seems like you might as well just use a real issue 
> tracker.

This is a little off-topic since you are OK with adding this stuff, but 
here's my justification given your comments:

I've found that encouraging team members to use status.xml as an 
"engineers log book" produces much more complete documentation of their 
actions. Our status.xml file now forms the core of our dev documentation 
since it describes exactly how each action was accomplished, complete 
with class names, method references etc. It also acts as a design 
document since the task items describe how a dev intends to implement a 
feature. Upon commit to SVN other devs have the opportunity to comment 
on the plans.

In addition, the project I specifically need this for has devs working 
on sites with no Internet connectivity so a web based issue tracker is 
not an option. They simply "forget" to keep it up to date.

I have a dream of integrating status.xml with an issue tracker and thus 
having the best of both worlds, but it's  a dream with no time at the moment


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