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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject Re: Updating Forrest for debian, packaging questions
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 14:24:39 GMT
Hi Ross,

Thanks for your response, much appreciated mate.

Ross Gardler wrote:
> Marcus Crafter wrote:
>  > so I was
>>wondering if there was a list (or if someone might be able to list) the 
>>directories in the forrest.tgz that are required for running Forrest, as 
>>opposed to purely source code used for building it? Any thoughts there 
>>at all?
> (do not consider this response necessarily complete, it is just my 
> "off-the-top-of-my-head response")
> Pretty much all of them are required when running Forrest with the 
> exception of src/java and src/forestlogos. It could be argued that 
> src/forrestbar and src/forrestbot are not needed, these are external 
> tools and not required by Forrest core, the same goes for scratchpad/**.

Ok - cool, thanks for that, good to know what's needed and not.

> A great deal of the other files are only used in quite specific 
> circumstances, plugins in 0.7 are allowing us to move these files into 
> optional packages, but that is a different story.


>>This at the moment resovles to /usr/share/forrest/src/core/context which 
>>is normally not writable by users (eg. root.root ownership, 755 dir perms).
>>Is a 'single forrest installation' still intended to work ok, or should 
>>each user actually be working with their own copy of forrest locally?
> Is relevant? (I confess to 
> not having absorbed your problem, or that in the issue, but instinct 
> seems to link them)

This is the one. From Upayavira's email it looks like it's been fixed in 
Cocoon SVN (ie. the writable check isn't done), however the log files 
still attempt to write to this location according to the logkit.xconf 

Since I've currently got Forrest installing to /usr/share/forrest/**, we 
can't have anything write to 
/usr/share/forrest/src/core/context/WEB-INF/logs, as from memory, Linux 
FHS or Debian policy (not sure which one) says that /usr may be shared 
amongst systems and be read-only.

/var/log/forrest might be a better position for the logs but it's still 
global, perhaps even better would be a local directory to each generated 
site (perhaps we could use project.home for this?)

Any thoughts at all?



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