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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] HTML as base Forrest format
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2005 17:29:14 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> El sáb, 01-01-2005 a las 14:47, Ross Gardler escribió:
>>Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>>>I would propose that we clearly state that HTML is the preferred source 
>>>format for Forrest sites, and remove xdocs from the site template.
>>>This seems a bit backwards with the XHTML2 stuff, but I don't think so.
>>>The important thing is that (X)HTML(1|2) is used as a source format, so 
>>>that many editors can be used and impedence on Forrest usage is 
>>>minimized. The internals of Forrest are not generally known by users.
>>>This can also make it easier for us to do a step towards XHTML2, as we 
>>>will need to put in the HTML handling the same things that will go in 
>>>the 2 version.
>>I am +1 for this, the main reasoning for my arguments are:
>>- all of the Nicola's observations above
>>- further work on the HTMLEditor plugin will provide in browser WYSIWYG 
>>editing under forrest run or a webapp (I intend to do this work in 
>>February, if it hasn't already been done)
>>- over at Burrokeet we are already using HTML as the base format, and it 
>>works well. There are a couple of things with the HTML2doc stylesheet 
>>that need ironing out, but nothing major.
>>- it will provide a clearer route to integrating things like the Docbook 
>>stylesheets (which output HTML)
> If we give up xdocs, then we have to use XHTML (1|2). 
> -1 on HTML.
> We need a valid input format and I have seen too many editors that
> produces screwed up invalid html.

Good point, although I have to admit I was meaning XHTML and ad assumed 
Nicola Ken was also meaning XHTML. However, this certainly needs 
clearing up.

Using Jtidy HTML input is easily converted to XHTML, so my point about 
HTMLEditor and stylesheets for things like docbook assume we will be using:

html -> XHTML -> output format

In the short term (i.e. before we move to XHTML as the intermediate 
format) this would be:

html -> XHTML -> XDoc -> output format


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