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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: running multiple forrestbots
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 04:27:35 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Yes, i had already thought of that too. I was wondering if 
> >when forrestbot starts we can create a flag file in the
> >forrestbot-logs directory, which gets removed at the end
> >of the process. I have started a coding experiment.
> >We would probably also need a way to check if there was
> >a stale flag file lying around.
> Hrm, that is a tricky issue.  The "right way" would be to see if the 
> forrest process is still running in the system (But what if you had 
> multiple users with write-access to a remotely mounted directory. 
> That'd mean different systems with only the log dir in common).  But 
> doing system-level work would be non-portable anyway.  So how to know 
> the difference between a long-running forrestbot and one that died 
> unexpectedly?

I wondered if adding a parameter to the project configuration file
which provided an indication of how long it should take. Mmm, that
sounds clunky and non-portable too.

> In the forrestbot webapp, it says "running" if the log file is 
> incomplete (no BUILD SUCCESFUL).  But if the log file's date (last 
> updated date, IIRC) is more than a couple minutes old it says "failed" 
> instead.  Perhaps something like that would work.

In the current code, it is "less than 60 seconds" which is way
too short for something like cocoon-trunk.

A releated issue is that the logfile only gets created when forrest
actually starts. With cocoon-trunk the 'svn update' takes a long
time so the logfile isn't yet updated. That should be easy to fix.


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