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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: License & Copyright concerns Re: [plugins] pod-input auto install
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 01:44:40 GMT
Ron Blaschke wrote:
> Rick Tessner wrote:
> > I've been going through the zip you provided and I have a few concerns
> > however.
> > Java Class and Plugin Naming
> > Copyright Notices
> Should be ok, as it's not part of the Forrest distribution.


In another thread i would like to explore why one would want
to have a separate distribution.

> > Included JAR files and License
> > -------------------------------
> > There are two jars included in this zip file as well, but I didn't see
> > any corresponding license files.
> >         jpod.jar
> >         matra.jar
> > For the above, there should be license files named
> >         jpod.jar.license.txt
> >         matra.jar.license.txt
> > The licenses would obviously need to be compatible with Apache License
> > 2.0.
> Thanks for pointing this out.  I'll add the license files.
> jpod is the beast that does the real work.  pod-input just contains
> the Cocoon Generator adapter.  I am the author, and will distribute it
> under the Apache License as well.  It is, or better will be, available
> separately, just in case someone wants to write another formatter
> (HTML, etc).

You can contribute generators to Forrest or Cocoon if you would rather.

> matra, on the other hand, is available from
> and ist distributed under the Mozilla
> Public License 1.1 or GPL.
> Is the MPL 1.1 compatible with the Apache License 2.0?

Perhaps. Other MPL are. If we have a specific case where
code is coming into our repository then we will make sure.

> If not, can anybody recommend a DTD parser that is available under the
> Apache License?  jpod uses it to resolve E<entity> formatting codes,
> which are akin to &entity; in XML.

Forrest has its internal Catalog Entity Resolver to handle that.

Anyway, i am not sure what you mean by "DTD parser".
Forrest includes NekoDTD if that task is what you mean.


> > Inclusion of Perl Documentation
> > -------------------------------
> > The directory src/documentation/content/xdocs/Pod contains what appear
> > to be official Perl documentation which I'm guessing would fall under
> > the "Perl Artistic License".  Again, I'm not sure whether we would be
> > able to distribute this as part of an Apache Project.
> Uups, these should probaly not be distributed.  You are right, it's
> the official perl distribution (taken from lib/pod), and I am using it
> to check if the formatter is working right, by visually comparing the
> result with
> It's commented out in site.xml in the distribution.
> Ron

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