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From "Glen Tulukin" <>
Subject Re: search engine friendly skins
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 20:02:51 GMT
1. Currently document2html does not create *html*, it creates a div which a
*part* of html. It does not render <html> as the root element.

2. document2html is not the last point in the processing pipe, it assumes
that there is the last stage (site2html) that produces the final html and
thus it can have other elements like meta-data as long as the site2html
generates valid html.

3. Having two elements <meta-data> and <div> as result of document2html
allows to separate meta data (not necessarily html-related data) from a
<div>. It allows to have additional xslt transformation that can be applied
to <meta-data> only and not to parse <div>.

Do not think about meta data as merely html/head/title or
html/meta/keywords -- there might be other data associated with a document.
Look at advanced jpg properties (date, location, equipment make, camera
model, author, etc.). It's more than title and keywords. I can put
camera_model to the <div> as a hidden element and than extract from the div,
but this will be awkward. To have a separate meta-data element is cleaner.


"Ross Gardler" <> wrote in message
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> > On Monday 20 December 2004 03:21, Ross Gardler wrote:
> >
> >>Actually, I was just reviewing this change and the mail it comes from (
> >> ).
> >>is document2html creating non-html content (as far as I am aware
> >><meta-data> is not an html tag.
> >
> >
> > That is correct it should just  be meta. Hence my patch to add@content
> > <meta name="" content="">
> That is not the point I was making. The <meta..> element does not need
> the @content attribute since the meta elements children is its content
> (although I see no reason why we do not support the attribute as well).
> The point I was trying to make in this thread is that document2html is
> creating content that is no longer html.
> Ross

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