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From "Glen Tulukin" <>
Subject Re: search engine friendly skins
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:31:37 GMT
A fix how to have window title separate from the doc title and associate
meta data with the xdoc.

These are steps I did (and it works)

1. In my xdoc index.xml I added some metas:

        <title>This is going to be the Document Title in mainarea</title>
        <meta name="window-title">Window Title Mahalia Jackson keyword1
keyword2 keyword2 </meta>
        <meta name="keywords">keyword1 keyword2 keyword2</meta>

2. In my document2html.xsl I added
  <xsl:template match="document">
    <div class="content">

and it renders
to HTML.  It renders XML as HTML in this form:

  <div class="content">

vs. the <div> only

3. in my site2xhtml.xsl
        <!-- old title:
        <title><xsl:value-of select="meta-data/window-title"/></title>

        <!-- TODO: add meta/keywords although search engines mainly ignore
it -->

As input site2html gets
  <class="menu"> ...
  <class="tab"> ...
  <meta-data> ...
  <class="content"> ...

1. We can have meta-data associated with a doc.
2. Meta-data separated from the content. Design is cleaner. Now after
document2html we have almost html and then we PARSE the html we just
generated ourselves:
suggested <title><xsl:value-of select="meta-data/window-title"/></title>
is cleaner and more efficient (no double-slash // which is a big no-no in
xslt transformation like goto in Java)

I am working on the keyword report I outlined in my prev emails and will
post update soon.

"Thorsten Scherler" <> wrote in message
> El jue, 16-12-2004 a las 02:39, Ross Gardler escribió:
> > Glen Tulukin wrote:
> > >>>- SE - friendly generated linkmap.xml. Usually it's not a good idea
> > >>>submit home page to yahoo, it should be well-thought site map (what
> > >
> > > other
> > >
> > >>>non-Cocoon people understand under site map)
> > >>
> > >>What is the difference between your proposed linkmap.xml and the
> > >
> > > linkmap.xml?
> > > SE rates a link depending on the surrounding context. I suggest to put
> > > keywords next to the link to increase rating. So each link will have
> > > meaningful context. For a human being to see links with keywords may
be not
> > > the best document but the proposed linkmap is intended for SEs.
> >
> > Would it be possible to enhance the existing linkmap to do this? Does it
> > make sense to have a separate one?
> >
> Yeah, should be easy as well. I reckon it is basicly a special
> transformation (XSLT) of the existing linkmap IMO.
> --
> thorsten
> "Together we stand, divided we fall!"
> Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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