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From "Glen Tulukin" <>
Subject search engine friendly skins
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 16:31:09 GMT
I posted a while ago on the Forrest user forum and from replies I saw that
there are people that build *real* web sites and put them on the Internet as
vs. project documentation web sites located the Intranet. Forrest is great
content generation framework but in my opinion skins are not search-engine
(SE) friendly -- some improvements can be made.

To name few features I am working on (or already have done but in process of
porting from 0.5 to 0.6):

- separate Window title and the doc title (html/meta/title and
document/header/title). Now it's the same, but it's not good for SE
- concept of a keyword -- a doc has a hidden element that lists keywords and
those keywords must be used in the doc frequently enough, closer to the
beginning of the page and preferably in the h1, h2 elements
- consolidated keyword / title report for each page
- SE - friendly generated linkmap.xml. Usually it's not a good idea to
submit home page to yahoo, it should be well-thought site map (what other
non-Cocoon people understand under site map)
- link pages (have to exchange links in order to have links to yourself)
etc. etc. -- you've got idea.

I follow recommendations from (and by the way if
you can suggest any other sites -- I'll appreciate).

If you think it's something people might need I am willing to contribute to
the project.

Glen Tulukin

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