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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Configuring output plugins (was Re: [JIRA] Commented: (FOR-409) PDF: should be able to change font size and style in skinconf.xml)
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 18:03:35 GMT
scott hutinger wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> scott hutinger wrote:
>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>> wrote:
>>>> From FOR-409
>> ...
>>>> OK, so how do we configure output-plugins? Here is a suggestion to 
>>>> get us started:
>> ...
>>> I think possibly another pdf plugin would need to be required when 
>>> doing things like a 1 to 1 file mapping with changes going on per 
>>> file.  I think a standard plugin for pdf output, and then someone may 
>>> need to create another pdf output to do more specialized things.
>> Sorry, I'm not following you. Are you suggesting that we create a 
>> different plugin for every use case? Surely, a single configurable 
>> plugin that covers the majority of use-cases would be more sensible.
>> Sure, there may be advanced use cases requiring editing of stylesheets 
>> and the like, but that it poweruser stuff. For the maojoority of users 
>> a configurable plugin would be just fine.
> No, it's just that some PDF's might need to be handled differently than 
> the standard pdf.  I was thinking in terms of having a documentation 
> build in with the website build.  Two (somewhat) different items.  Would 
> the current pdf plugin allow some other process to be used in specific 
> instances?

Ahhh, that is why I was confused. This thread is about where to put the 
configuration information for a plugin. Not about whether one plugin can 
be a catch-all for all use cases. However...

> For instance if a  file  'doc1' that has a stylesheet 
> associated with it, shouldn't the plugin use that stylesheet instead of 
> the standard settings?  I'm a bit uncertain as to what method would be 
> best.  I agree that normally 1 setting for the pdf generation would be 
> the norm.  But in instances where it wouldn't be the norm, shouldn't it 
> be easy for the user to have a file associated with what the pdf output 
> would be for specific documents?

This kind of setup was discussed in a separate thread and a solution has 
been proposed (but not implemented). Search the archives for selective 
PDF for background.

Basically, the idea is that we can say this file should have PDF 
generated, that file shouldn't. This could be used in your use case (in 
conjunstion with Thorsten previous comments in this thread).

>>> Or possibly settings for specific files(user supplied- or a list of), 
>>> and a default setting.  Possibly choose you pdf output such as skin 
>>> for the default output.
>> I'm totally lost here I'm afraid, could you explain some more.
> I think the automatic over-ride of the standard plugin with 'this 
> document has a stylesheet associated with it' would make everything work 
> without needing another pdf-stylesheet plug in.  Although I may be 
> wrong.  Should it be associated with another plugin?  I'm uncertain.

Yes, this has some parallels with Thorstens interpretation of what you 
wrote and I think his comments illustrate how to achieve what you are 

>  Or 
> is this way out of line?

Nothing is out of line, a little off topic maybe, but not out of line ;-)


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