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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: plugin for DITA
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 13:05:51 GMT
scott hutinger wrote:

[This mail was originally an private thread, however it has migrated to 
Forrest Dev related stuff so I have moved the relevant stuff here for 
transparency and wider comment if necessary]

> But, the point is, Derby has transformed it's documentation into DITA.  
> This is an IBM .dtd type of thing.
> I started a plugin for DITA.  Should this be within org.apache.forrest, 
> org.apache.derby, or what?

Probably org.apache.derby since this means they will maintain it 
(hopefully). It will still be listed in the plugins.xml file and so will 
still be freely available to other Forrest users.

> It will take a bit to figure it all out, as it goes from a strange .dtd 
> to other items.  Is this all going through the pipeline, or would it be 
> multiple plugins.

I couldn't be certain without knowing more about DITA, but I'll give the 
generic answer:

I have heard of DITA once before. In that thread it was mentioned that 
there are a set of DITA to HTML XLST stylesheets. It would, probably, be 
best to leverage those and not convert to Forrests xdoc format.

I would *guess* you need to:

DITA --> HTML --> XDoc --> Forrest site
      /\        /\       /\
      1         2        3

1 would be the DITA XSLT's

2 would be the html2document.xsl

3 is the normal Forrest stuff

1 & 2 would be your DITA input plugin.

> I'm starting to read cocoon docs.  

The important stuff is sitemaps, but there should be enough in the 
FOrrest docs to get you started. Feel free to ask how to do things here. 
We'd love to see Forrest having a plugin for DITA.

> Also, should 
> forrest add some output's that cocoon has for free as plugins?  It would 
> be nice to have wap and other things for free.

+1 (would they really be for free?)


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