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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Lenya may start using Forrest Plugins
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 22:32:10 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I just got some ideas reading the lasts mails on the topic:
>> 1. We can define Forrest doctype in the default lenya (outside a
>> publication). Maybe this is one of the (1st(s)?) pieces we need to have.
>> Lenya can use forrest doctypes. I mean to manage (content, FAQ, status 
>> and
>> so on). I guess using BXENG we can also define a editor for this forrest
>> content.
> IMHO we should do away with custom DTDs and only use (X)HTML(2) as a 
> basic source format. We should use divs or looser character conventions 
> to rework our FAQ, status, etc formats. In this way they become 
> automatically editable in htmltextarea.

+1, the htmlArea plugin works. It needs the CSS styling stuff adding so 
that we can only use defined styles, but I am now using it exclusively 
on our internal installation of Burrokeet. I have to tell you working in 
Eclipse with htmlArea as the editor rocks.

(and WYSIWYG editor would be fine, Lenya would provide more)

>> 2. Then Lenya can make use of forrest pipelines to render the pages.
>> 3. I still see a problem in merging of Lenya "sitetree.xml" vs. site.xml
>> and tabs.xml. But we can do that in a separated subtask of the overall
>> project.
> IMHO the basic site.xml format has to be rediscussed. Could you 
> highlight the differences with sitetree.xml for us?

Even if site.xml stays the same there is no problem, simply create a 
plugin to create site.xml from sitetree.xml. The IMS Manifest plugin is 
an example of how to do this. It is a total replacement of site.xml and 
tabs.xml with IMS Manifest files.

I really like site.xml because it is really simple and easy to manually 
edit. Personally I think we should keep it because of that, not everyone 
will want to use Lenya.

I am willing to build this plugin (but not for a couple of weeks) if it 
will help us focus on the part I don't yet understand, which is the 
point below:

>> 5. A big question still in my mind is: the integration (Lenya and 
>> Forrest)
>> needs to be in the same servlet (running in the same servlet) or as 2
>> diferent applications (2 diferent servlets).

Lenya can (theoretically) be packaged as a series of Forrest Plugins. 
Then you only need do /forrest run/. If I understand correctly (and I 
only have a very high level understanding) Lenya is completely driven by 
URI requests, that means we can build plugins to intercept those 
requests and process them accordingly.

The hard part is the division of the Lenya sitemaps into Forrest plugin 
sitemaps in such a way that means Lenya is still a complete application 
without Forrest.


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