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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject Re: Validation error with Crimson (WAS: Re: Plugin release process)
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 03:06:53 GMT
Rick Tessner wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> At Cocoon we call forrest (still forrest-0.5.1) via
>>> the cocoon build.xml where we set the classpath before
>>> doing that call.
>> OK, Rick, can you try and patch the plugin build file by looking at 
>> the Cocoon build.xml file (Ican't reproduce this behaviour).
> Will do.

Me thinks I'm loosing my mind ...

It's definitely a classpath issue.  Now, the interesting thing is if I 
explicity set the CLASSPATH environment variable to contain all the jars 
in $FORREST_HOME/lib/*/*.jar and then run the "ant test" it works just 
fine (well, except for a character encoding problem but that's a 
different unrelated problem).

I then unset the classpath and run the "ant test" and it fails as expected.

Okay, so definitely classpath.

Edit the main/targets/validate.xml and add the classpathref attribute to 
the <xmlvalidate> task.  Give it a value of "forrest.cp" which is <path> 
set up in the <-prepare-classpath> task in main/ (it is 
this build file that is referenced by the plugins/build.xml).

Run the "ant test" again.  Fails with the same problem.

Okay, try explicitly setting the <classpath> element as a child of 

Run the "ant test" again.  Fails again, same problem.

I think I'm stuck.  Will try again with fresh eyes tomorrow. :(

Rick Tessner
rick at apache dot org

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