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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Validation error with Crimson
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 01:14:10 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Rick Tessner wrote:
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>> Am i stating the obvious to say that it is using the
>>>> wrong classpath and getting parsers and such, from the
>>>> JDK instead?
>>> Hmmm ... how does Ant know that it _should_ be using a parser other 
>>> than crimson?  I believe in JDK 1.4.x, the default parser is crimson.
>>> But then, why would the xml validation work when not called via <ant> 
>>> ... ???
>> Because in the rest of the build, we deliberately
>> set the classpath to our own copies of lib/*.jar
>> At Cocoon we call forrest (still forrest-0.5.1) via
>> the cocoon build.xml where we set the classpath before
>> doing that call.
> OK, Rick, can you try and patch the plugin build file by looking at the 
> Cocoon build.xml file (Ican't reproduce this behaviour).

It is probably that our forrest build system
needs to set the classpath at an earlier stage.

Also people need to use a modern version of Ant.

Rather than doing 'ant test'
i did '$FORREST_HOME/tools/ant/bin/ant test'
and received the same failure.

There are related issues about integrating forrest
into other project build files. We have a number
of issues described in Jira, including one suggestion
from Upayavira about using the Cocoon Ant task.

We are also having problems at cocoon-2.2 with
trying to upgrade to forrest-0.6 due to the way we
are calling it via the Ant build file. There are
some clashing names for ant targets and ant variables.

Sounds like it is time for an overhaul of our
build system.


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