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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [help] Upgrading Cocoon in Forrest
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 02:45:59 GMT
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the effort.

Currently in lucene 1.4.1 exists a memory leak. It was fixed in 1.4.2. I
am right now testing in cocoon 2.2 the 1.4.3 version. Will be fine if our
new cocoon snapshot include this fixes for lucene. ;-)

The test was already done for cocoon 2.1 and is working fine.

Later I will try to fix the ehcache logs bug.


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

On Mar, 7 de Diciembre de 2004, 16:48, Rick Tessner dijo:
> Hi all,
> I'm very close to being ready to committing a nice big patch to get
> Forrest in line with the latest cocoon trunk (2.2.0-dev).
> This included changes to the following:
> * The Forrest java code now uses the Serviceable interfaces (ie. using
> avalon.framework.service.* rather than avalon.framework.component.*)
> * It appears JCS (used for stores) has been replaced with EHCache.
> * The site: linkrewriting with jxpath 1.2 still doesn't work with the
> upgrade.
> There's two issues I'm having.
> First Issue: EHCache
> ---------------------
> I am having a problem with the EHCache piece.  When running a "forrest
> site", a ton of DEBUG messages from EHCache appear on the screen rather
> than being logged to the expected debug target.
> Here's what I'm seeing (many many many lines like these):
> <sample>
> DEBUG   2004-12-07 14:41:06.973 [net.sf.e] (): Creating new CacheManager
> with config URL:
> jar:file:/home/rick/projects/forrest/van/lib/core/cocoon-2.2.0-dev.jar!/org/apache/cocoon/components/store/impl/ehcache.xml
> </sample>
> Does anyone with experience in cocoon / logging / cachestores have an idea
> of what I can configure  differently to make these go away?
> Second Issue
> -------------
> Before I commit all this stuff, I'd like to have a good fallback point so
> that if things are really messed up, we can say, do an "svn update -r
> NNNNN" and things will be fine while we sort out the icky bits.
> Right now, with the jxpath 1.2 in place, the site: URLs are not being
> re-written properly.  So, I'd like to roll that commit back and commit
> with the older jxpath jars.
> Then, with the updated cocoon in place in Forrest, we can figure out why
> the LinkRewriter bits aren't working with the jxpath 1.2, contribute a
> patch to cocoon (I believe that's where the LinkRewriter currently lives)
> and then upgrade jxpath / cocoon.
> Thoughts on the above two items?
> --
> Rick Tessner
> rick at apache dot org

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