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From Alex Batlin <>
Subject Re: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:02:19 GMT
Thanks for that. Makes more sense. I was conused with the revision numbers for cocoon. How
come forrest 06 cocoon block jars appear as 2.1.5 but the cocoon version when you have an
error is reported as 2.2 DEV? Is  2.1.5 same as 2.2 dev?

meanwhile I have been able to compile cocoon's 2.1.5 auth and session blocks. Had to also
change many settings in cocoon.xconf and sitemap.xmap to add new actions etc. But it appears
to be working. Once I test it all a bit more, I will wright it all up for those interested
in using auth with forrest 06 and then try to create a plugin for 07.

Any ideas about how to distribute cocoon.xconf best?

Also the cocoon upgrade wiki and build files in forrest that process the cocoon.xconf did
not work for more, just got a blank page with forrest aftwr running the build target, so had
to make additions manually. Any  ideas on how it should work?

-----Original Message-----
From:  David Crossley
Date:  11/12/04 23:51
Subj:  Re: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists

Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> Alex,
> If you want to use forrest 0.6 then you need to get cocoon 2.1.5 from:

Or you can probably use their release branch of cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X
which is known as cocoon-2_1_X

A certain SVN revision of their cocoon/trunk (i.e. cocoon-2.2) is what we
use in our Forrest trunk (i.e. forrest-0.7-dev). Look in our lib/ directory
for the name of their cocoon-*.jar filenames to indicate which SVN revision
that we used.


> If you use svn version for both (forrest and cocoon) , there is a higher
> change that we can help you, and any bug that you find is fixed for the
> next released.
> It is up to you..  but I would go for option 2
> Cheers,
> Cheche
> Alex Batlin wrote:
> >Hi rick,
> >
> >I am getting on with the task, but got confused with which version of
> >cocoon
> >to use. I co first 2.1.5 as looking at release notes for forrest 0.6 cocoon
> >2.1.5 is used. However doing a build shows that cocoon 2.2.0-dev is  used.
> >This I cannot seem to find in the SVN repository. Which branch/tag  should I
> >be using. Many thanks
> >
> >
> >Alex.
> >
> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Rick Tessner []
> >Sent: 10 December 2004 17:55
> >To:
> >Subject: Re: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists
> >
> >Alex Batlin wrote:
> >
> >
> >>I posted this a few days ago, I wonder if it was missed?
> >>
> >>I have had a look more at how document profiling can be done with some of
> >>the suggestions included:
> >>
> >>1. created profile-docbook2document.xsl that only includes sections of
> >>docbook docs that match attribute userrole to one set in a parameter 2.
> >>created sitemap.xmap pipeline to transform so far a test document using
> >>
> >>
> >this
> >
> >
> >>new xsl and pass the userrole parameter in the transform 3. I now need to
> >>set up an authentication pipeline, here are the docs I
> >>found:

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