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From "Alex Batlin" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 12:42:27 GMT
Hi rick,

I am getting on with the task, but got confused with which version of cocoon
to use. I co first 2.1.5 as looking at release notes for forrest 0.6 cocoon
2.1.5 is used. However doing a build shows that cocoon 2.2.0-dev is used.
This I cannot seem to find in the SVN repository. Which branch/tag should I
be using. Many thanks


-----Original Message-----
From: Rick Tessner [] 
Sent: 10 December 2004 17:55
Subject: Re: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists

Alex Batlin wrote:
> I posted this a few days ago, I wonder if it was missed?
> I have had a look more at how document profiling can be done with some of
> the suggestions included:
> 1. created profile-docbook2document.xsl that only includes sections of
> docbook docs that match attribute userrole to one set in a parameter 2.
> created sitemap.xmap pipeline to transform so far a test document using
> new xsl and pass the userrole parameter in the transform 3. I now need to
> set up an authentication pipeline, here are the docs I
> found:
> however when I try to add the auth actions, forrest complains that such
> actions are not defined. Looking at the cocoon dist, these actions are
> included in one of the blocks dirs (whatever that means), but cannot find
> them in forrest.
> Can anyone help me understand how I can use the auth actions in my
> Does forrest come with a stripped down version of cocoon, if so how do I
> install the actions or does forrest 0.7 solve this?

Not sure if this'll work (haven't tried it).  This is based purely on what 
I see in the cocoon

1.  Check out cocoon from SVN.
2.  Copy the and from 
$FORREST_HOME/etc/cocooon_upgrade to the cocoon top-level directory.
3.  Edit the to change
        include.block.authentication-fw to true
        include.block.session-fw to true
4.  Build cocoon by running "" in the cocoon top-level directory.
5.  Copy the 
$COCOON_HOME/build/cocoon-2.2.0-dev/blocks/authentication*-block.jar to 
6.  Try it with a "forrest run"

Let the list know how it goes.

Rick Tessner
rick at apache dot org

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