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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject [Skins] Leather-dev vs. scale-dev
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 12:03:46 GMT
Hello devs,

I really thing Shaun can help us to develope leather but he has to
understand that the containers are given.

Maybe I have to explain a wee bit more about the approach.
 From my experience we should not introduce more skins that are changing
just the design. I think we have to have a common base of elements that
can be changed just with the css. In the future we then have a wide
range of css-styles for the leather skin. We can then decide to just
support one skin. I said one skin because Corium is not really a skin
but a skinBot.

I think it is time that I restructure the skin related documentation. I
was up to do it a long time ago but have been quite busy.

My suggestion is that I will refactor:
Default Skins
Skin Packages
Our Contract

Into a new main point "Skins" there I will use the content of the above
mentioned documents and add the knowledge I have now about our skins.

I would like to dedicate one page for leather. I will write a background
section, why we have choosen the approach of semantic container, and a
section about how we want to use it in the future.

The content will come from the mails I wrote about this topic and some 
additional informations.


P.S.: Please, Shaun, try to rewrite the css that I can just exchange the
css-files. If you have problems with some positioning than write to this
list and we can see how we can solve it. BTW it do not have to be the 
same outcome as the original Mozilla one.


"Together we stand, divided we fall"
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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