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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Skins - scale-dev
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 10:12:06 GMT
Shaun Evans escribió:
> I just submitted to JIRA (FOR-342) my leather-dev enhancement, scale-dev
> (if everybody agrees, I'll drop the extra name and call it leather-dev
> from now on). 

Hello Shaun,

I just had a look at your skin. Before I start didn't we agree on the 
specific containers that have been already implemented in leather?

I have choosen this container to make live in the future better. ;-)

You are using different containers then in leather. Your DOM-tree looks 
like this:

But leather have (by purpose)

Please read again The 
use-case of David for dropping in features is easier with the naming 
conventions of leather because we then just have to know which 
semantic-container not which style-container.

Your container naming is saying something about the location what we do 
not want anymore. Besides that the search is whithin the header div. The 
programmer has not to know about the style-outcome. He will drop search 
specific stuff in the search-container.

The scale-dev you attached to jira reminds me more on pelt then on 
leather. Sorry but I thought you said it is like leather with some minor 
tweeks, but IMO that have nothing to do with leather anymore.

The aim of leather is like I stated in other mails to establish naming 
conventions (contracts for designers). With this naming conventions we 
do not have to write css-style sheets anymore in the future because we 
will keep one "forever". If people want to submit new styles than they 
have to submit *just* the css. Nothing more nothing less.

I would like you to help me with the css of leather not to write on more 
skin that in 0.7 will be supported but in 0.8 we have to drop it because 
we cannot support it anymore. Don't get me the wrong way I like what you 
have done but please understand that from our experience the 
leather-container approach is the one to go.


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