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Subject AW: How To submit a patch
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 06:35:01 GMT
Just a note from the Ant view and just a quick idea :-)

You can introduce the <modified> selector and two targets instead the old
- startpatch
  Only create the cache file for <modified>
- createpatch
  creates the patch by using the <modified> selector and the cache file
So only modified files are included which have changed after running

But removing and doing by hand is - of course - another possibility.
Your turn ;-)


> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: David Crossley []
> Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 25. November 2004 03:43
> An:
> Betreff: Re: How To submit a patch
> (Bringing this back to the dev list so that we can talk
> about it without cause more chaos for users.)
> I really don't like this 'build patch' ability.
> Sorry Cheche, it is a good idea but i reckon it
> causes too much grief. I have already received
> one patch using that which was serverely broken.
> I have tried to raise the alarm about this on various
> occasions. Here is one:
> "How to create a patch for forrest"
> <quote>
> There are big problems with the 'build patch' target
> because it just packages the diffs for *every* changed
> file that it finds. This is okay if those are the only
> changes in a users' working copy. However when they have
> other work in testing, then that stuff gets added in too.
> The biggest issue occurs when they submit a patch to the
> issue tracker, and it sits there because we don't have time
> or priority to commit it. When next they go to make other
> contributions, the old changes are still tangled up in their
> automated patch.
> It would be better if we had a simple How-To document that
> just described the manual steps ... svn diff > mypatch.txt
> </quote>
> SVN is so easy to use. Why do we need this added
> complexity?
> --David
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> > I find myself constantly begging people to provide patches 
> for Forrest 
> > documentation and code. However, I am aware some people may 
> not know 
> > how. If you are using the SVN version of Forrest it is really easy.
> > 
> > Simply do a "./build patch" in the FORREST/main directory, 
> this creates 
> > the patch file that you need to submit to our issue tracker at 
> >
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Ross

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