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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject List of open ended threads ... to be extended!
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 07:10:08 GMT
Morning folks,

going over the discussions we had the last few days, I'm getting the
impression that there are quite a few threads that seem to have ended
without a result.

Since I was beginning to lose track of some of them, I'll try to
summarize a few that I found browsing through the list. Feel free to
extend it (or to tell me to stop this if you don't find it helpful).

To maintain the original dicsussion-threads, pls add responses
regarding the topics mentioned below to the original

1. Topic  : About RAW content
   Idea   : Merging raw and xdocs directory
   Affects: all forrests

   Sounds like there is a consensus that it should happen?

   Open questions:
   - Where will the merged directory will be: in (content) or
   - How to handle linked to files that are not mentioned in site.xml.

2. Topic  : how to redirect our website changes
   Idea   : Handling of different Forrest-Releases on the Forrest-website
   Affects: The Forrest-site and Source-Code (what's the correct term
            for the file-package that svn delivers?)
   Two different solutions are under discussion. One is to use some
   kind of linking to connect old locations with current file.
   The other is to maintain different Forrest versions as separate
   tabs on the website.

   Any comments here?

3. Topic  : Re[2]: Proposal: New Instruction element in HowTo-DTD 2.0
   Idea   : Add an instruction element to HowTo DTD 2.0
   Affects: All Forrests

   This ended without decision. Does that mean it is not going to
   happend or did it just get lost?

4. Topic  : Duplicate code
   Idea   : Do away with site-author/content/plugins
   Affects: The Forrest-site and Source-Code

   Publish plug-ins directly from their plugins/* directory
   to their final destination on the website (which probably means the
   directory where the Forrest-site is built.

Ferdinand Soethe

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