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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: how to redirect our website changes
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:07:52 GMT

Dave Brondsema wrote:

DB> Did you see our (long) earlier thread? 

I did read through that but I might have missed a byte or two along
the way ...

DB> Are you questioning the source structure we have, or the final output?

My proposal was about presentation at the website (final output),
maintaining the docs with the source is fine by me. Plus - so much I
understood from reading that thread - there are a lot of issues like sv
concerned on the source end that I'm only beginning to grasp.

As far as presentation is concerned, I suggested the tabs-solution
because it seemed to solve a lot of issues raised in your discussion
about linking and how to tell the user that this and that belongs to
version x.

With separate tabs for each version, Google would not be a problem as
the url is preserved and the user will automatically get the version
label at the top of the page.

Ferdinand Soethe

Here, I dug out the original posting.

> How about maintaining version-related docs as separate subtabs on the
> documentation tab (named "Release 0.5", "Release 0.6" and so on).
> That way users have easy access to the version they are currently
> using but optionally also access versions that are not yet released.
> Google would be OK since the links remain the same, but when opening a page
> in version "Release 0.5", I'd immediately see that there are other
> versions (tabs) to look at.
> And, as far as I can tell, this would also allow us to do away with
> the two branches of documentation and the need to amalgamate them for
> each release as the versioned documentation could simply be managed as
> different subdirectories of the main site.

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