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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [vote] delete old stuff
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 10:37:11 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> Remember, SVN holds all our history so people can go back and find 
>> this stuff if they ever want to.  Deleting it from trunk means we see 
>> no value in even attempting to maintain this code.
>> I propose we delete:
>> whiteboard/charts - hasn't been touched for years
>> whiteboard/layout - hasn't been touched for years
>> tools/forrestbar - there has been no demand for compatibility with 
>> firefox 0.9+
> what about if we forward this request to the user list?, maybe if this 
> gets more attention people know that this stuff exist, if there is no 
> reply. Then +1

Yes. The last time we raised the issue of removing
stuff, we said that we needed to give it a chance
by promoting it a bit first. Perhaps a tiny
document that explains what is the purpose of these.

I find it very hard to ever go back in CVS|SVN history
to find something. One tends to forget where it was


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